No matter who you are or what you do, having a designated space for productivity and creativity is an absolute necessity. No matter how much space you’re working with, creating an organized and stylish home office can be easy, fun, and affordable.

Whether your home office doubles as the kitchen table or you have an entire garage dedicated to your hustle, the space you work in deserves attention too.


Not everyone is blessed with an extra room in the apartment, an empty garage, or a bright attic. But if you’re short on home office real estate, even a closet can be turned into your workspace. Similarly, if all you really need is a small desk and a chair, you can make it work no matter how tiny your space is. If you can’t spare a closet, find other convertible areas around your home and put up a curtain or divider, to designate the space as your work area, so that it’s separate from the rest of your home.

It’s important to keep the office an office, rather than a living room or kitchen.



Now that you’ve defined your space, it’s time to begin with the most important pieces of the home office – the desk and chair!

You don’t have to limit yourself to “official office furniture”, think outside the square.  You can use dining tables as desks (they offer a more substantial workspace) Or simply balance a surface on two filing cabinets or a set of trestle legs.

Always invest in a good chair, your back will thank you for it.  Given the amount of time spent sitting at your desk, a comfortable chair is a worthy investment.  Take your time when looking for the perfect one, and make sure you absolutely love it before purchasing.



Organization is the key to a successful and productive workspace.

There’s your “main hub,” AKA the desk with your computer and phone.

There should also be a “reference area,” dedicated to your filing cabinet, binders, folders, and any shelving units.

A closet or set of drawers for your Post-It notes, stamps, stapler, and other office supplies can serve as your “supply area.”  Alternatively, keep small items that often clutter desks – think paper clips, staples, or thumb-tacks in cool bowls or jars that complement your office space

If you have a printer, designate one corner as the “copy area.”


Offices are notorious for their stark lighting — specifically, fluorescents. Why do offices often opt for sterile, cold lighting that makes you feel like you’re under a microscope? Because they know one basic work principle: Sufficient lighting makes work easier. We already strain our eyes staring at screens most of the day. Don’t make it worse by limiting lighting in your home office.

Lighting can make all the difference in an office, both aesthetically and functionally (who’s productive working in the dark?). We recommend overhead lighting, as well as a table or standing lamp.


Your office is an extension of your house or apartment. It should look and feel like one. Decorate with the same themes you’ve used in your house and incorporate items you love. Nothing is off-limits. If you’re a plant lover, blanket your home office in green. If hygge is your vibe, add a plush rug and a cozy throw to your office chair. Don’t limit yourself just because this is a workspace. You’ll be more productive in a room that brings you joy, so why not put some extra care into creating an office that feels like home?


Hang an inspirational Message on the wall for days when motivation levels are running low.  Sometimes all it takes to kick start a great day are a few words of encouragement!