My story started as a creative young girl sewing up a storm on my mother’s old sewing machine, designing, making and selling lingerie to design stores in Newmarket (while still in high-school), working in costume departments for film and TV and finally running my own fashion label for 6 years.

While working in fashion, I also renovated 3 homes, which always filled me with inspiration and a passion for the industry. And then the creative tug of war began, with interior design sitting on my shoulder wanting more attention. Eventually Interiors stole my heart and won the design battle.

I have always been obsessed with design and particularly the use of COLOUR (my happy place). Colour changes a space dramatically and sets a great stage for designing a gorgeous space, filled with personality.  Layer in some amazing textures, shapes and some PLANTS  (your new best friend) and you have a unique and insanely cool place to live in.

Your home should tell the STORY of your life and reflect the people that live there. It should be full of colour, plants, curiosities and little corners that make you smile and bring back happy memories.

The design process is a journey, that we will go on together. I will help transform your vision, with a fun and stress-free approach, focused on listening, translating and creating a space that you love living in and fills you with pleasure.

So take me around your home and let’s see how we can make it TELL YOUR STORY.


How can I help you?

I’m here to bring the “wow” factor into your home and let it tell your “STORY”. I can help with a single room to a full house renovation or maybe just a little inspiration and some corners of happiness.

I will free up your time and take away the stress by listening carefully to your needs, and utilising my skills and creativity to create a solid plan of action within your budget. I can help you avoid costly mistakes and with my trade discounts, save you money.

Full Service or Just One Room

Let’s go from “woah to go” with an inspired, creative and functional new space. Whether you are just looking at re-designing one room or starting from scratch with a renovation or new build.

I am here to take away your feeling of overwhelm, and to push the boundaries of design with a unique, fresh and fun style that will be full of colour and joy.

Let your STORY begin now.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Initial consultation on-site
  • Design presentation adhering to budget
  • Colour scheme
  • Sourcing items
  • Shopping list with items to buy adhering to your budget
  • Referrals to required trades
  • Installation & Styling

Colour Consultation

“Colour is my thing”. It’s incredible the difference a fresh coat of paint can make, it can literally transform a space. With my extensive knowledge of paints and how colours work, I will take the stress and hard work out of your decision making.

I will ensure your colour choices are cohesive with your home, your style and that they will make your heart sing. The joy of colour is it can be bold or subtle, so if coloured walls aren’t your thing, then let’s look at injecting some colour into some fun furnishings and accessories.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Initial consultation on site
  • Design presentation adhering to budget
  • Colour scheme
  • FREE colour draw-downs or test pots as required
  • Specs for your painter
  • Shopping list with items if required for soft furnishing / accessories

Plant Styling

Maybe you’re just at the start of your journey with plants, but I am here to help you select, arrange and style plants to greenify your home, making the most of the space’s you have. With longevity in mind, I like to ensure that pieces can be used in a variety of ways and adapted over time.

Plants are like pieces of art, they transform spaces, they provide texture, a sculptural presence and beauty. At the same time reconnecting you with nature and making you happy.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Initial consultation on site, assessing light and other environmental conditions
  • Design presentation adhering to budget
  • Sourcing of all plants and accessories
  • Installation & styling
  • Practical advice on how to care for your new friends

… And the Rest

Of course we are here to solve all your problems (not just the ones above), and have fun whilst doing it.

There are always lots of other options to help free up your time, relieve stress and create freakin’ cool and functional spaces for you.

You might have a house that needs preparing for sale, or an Airbnb studio to do up or simply need some new curtains or a quick refresh.

Here’s some other options:

  • Window treatments
  • Source & Purchase
  • Styling & Finishing Touches
  • De-clutter & Organisation
  • Preparing for Sale


It’s time to go green … and I don’t mean putting the recycling out, this time it’s all about PLANTS.

My Gran and Mother are what you would call “Green Fingers” and without a doubt, their passion has been passed onto me. I love gardens and the joy of bringing them inside, to make your home a green oasis.  There is nothing better than watching plants grow and change around you, cleansing your air and reconnecting you with nature.

Indoor plants can also provide crazy shapes, colour and another layer of styling to your already super cool pad. Think designer pots, amazing plants stands, with planty shelfs and hanging baskets and you’re onto a good thing.

Maybe you’re just at the start of your journey with plants, but I am here to help you select, arrange and style plants to greenify your home, making the most of the space you have.

Plants are like pieces of art, they transform spaces, they provide texture, a sculptural presence and beauty.

So let  your PLANT STORY begin, by bringing the outdoors in and giving new life to your home with thriving greenery.


“Erina thanks for all your help with our new house. We loved the way that you styled our existing pieces in a way that we wouldn’t have thought of, to work in with the new pieces that you sourced for us. Your pre-planning made a huge difference to the end result, with a great design-eye to create a space full of new art, plants and furniture. The mix of high-end and less expensive pieces was great to achieve what we where after on our budget. We love all the pieces that you picked out for us, and are looking forward to your help to finish off a couple more rooms. We are definitely enjoying our more colourful and interesting palette.”

Hilary / Mount Eden, Auckland

“Erina helped us to get our house ready for the market. She advised us on some key “freshening up” decorating decisions which really made a big difference to the appeal of our house. Erina helped us to prioritise what needed doing and without her advice I think we would have not met our show home deadline. Erina helped to de-clutter and style our house ready for open homes. Erina is practical and efficient in her approach and she has natural design flare. Erina is knowledgeable about current trends and she has great colour sense. I felt that she really listened to our needs and delivered a great result in a short time frame. I would not hesitate to get her advice on interiors in the future.”

Cathy / Epsom, Auckland

Erina has been truly incredible in transforming our home. She has great talent working with what you have , what you want to keep and adding new pieces, working within your budget. Her ability to totally transform a room is really clever. Our house has never felt connected throughout. I am so thrilled with what she has done for us to rectify this and create some themes and connection..  She has also created  a beautiful outside space that now feels like another room, not just the  back deck and transformed our  entrance which now has great seating, plants and colours that just pop. I am getting so many comments about how amazing it looks. My dream would be to have Erina do the entire interior design of a home from scratch!

Liddy / Epsom, Auckland


I’d love to hear from you and can’t wait to share your story…

Phone: +64 21 662 294

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